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EWS model

The spring balancers employ a taper drum to make the changeable torque constant and contribute to fatigue reduction for worker on the production line.

ETL.ELB model Long stroke model

These models are capable of 2.5 m stroke and have advantage of which workers can arrange the spring tension without using a ladder. Further these have a drum lock mechanism.

RSB model With a ratchet

They are convenient to make a suspended tool on and off. Further they are suitable for frequent load change.

EK.ETP model With a ratchet

From 70kg to 200kg They are suitable for such the large equipment as a nut runner, grinder etc


Spring Balancers are specially designed to free the operator from the weight of hand tools. The tool can be pulled down with least pressure, without any strain or fatigue. Handling of the tool is very easy as the load and pressure required for operation is counter balanced in the mechanism of Spring Balancer itself. The operation is free of gravitational force.

Rugged Construction

Main housing and cover plate are manufactured from high tensile light weight Aluminum Alloy for maximum resistance against impact and ease of handling. Upper support hook assembly and Bottom suspension hook assemblies are manufactured of forged steel to provide maximum safety. Standard flexible wire rope is used for cables to provide good flexibility and fall safety.

Tapered Cable Drum

Unique cable drum design matches the middle turns of spring, where the optimum torque build-up is constant. This design feature provides smooth and even cable tensions throughout the entire length of cable travel.

External Tension Adjustment

External tension adjustment is easily accessible from the floor. Tension can be set at the exact requirement through a hardened worm form gear system. No special tool needed.

Swivel on Top Hook

Allows 360º rotation. Positions the Balancer for easiest cable flow. Prolongs cable life.

Automatic Drum Lock

If Spring tension declines sharply, an automatic locking mechanism immediately engages, preventing the load from falling.

Manual Drum Lock

Suspended tools can be changed easily by engaging the manual drum lock. After tool or cable has been replaced – WITH FULL LOAD ATTACHED, manual drum lock can be released – DO NOT RELEASE MANUAL DRUM LOCK WITHOUT ATTACHING FULL LOAD. This can be done on the job site in minutes, without removing tension on the balancer cable. This convenience makes change over safe, simple and quick, reducing costly down time.

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